Kingfisher - Y 2/3

Welcome to Kingfisher!

We are a mixed class from years 2&3 and you will find us in the furthest of the 3 Key Stage 1 classrooms.

Classroom Locations

Our teachers are Mrs Busson (Weds-Fri) and Mrs Tunnicliff (Mon-Weds); our teaching assistants are Mrs Coles and Mrs Lindberg.

If you have any questions, you can email the teachers at

Mrs Karen Busson, SENCo & Kingfisher TeacherMrs Karen Busson, SENCo & Kingfisher Teacher Mrs Sophie Tunnicliff, Kingfisher TeacherMrs Sophie Tunnicliff
Ria ColesMrs Ria Coles Sam LindbergMrs Sam Lindberg
Homework, spellings and knowledge organisers can be found in the document list at the bottom of this page.
Term 2

The children have made a great start to the year and we look forward to a busy and exciting Term 2. We have set our expectations in Term 1 and the children have been ready, respectful and safe; they also know the class routines and behaviour expectations. 

In term 2, our theme will be 'We are Voyagers' and our Science learning this term will be about forces and magnets. We are looking forward to another great term in the lead up to Christmas and the nativity play for year 2.

Term 3

In term 3, we will investigate everyday materials and their properties for science as well as,  learning about Thomas Edison. In addition to this, the year 3s will be investigating the use of electricity in even more detail for science week at the end of term. In computing, the children will become familiar with using robots and providing set instructions and writing algorithms for them to follow.

For English this term, we are going to be exploring our new class book - The Nothing To See Here Hotel. It will be exciting to see how the children use their creative thinking to establish a world around these magical creatures and go on to write a diary extract as one of the characters.


Term 4

We are thoroughly looking forward to starting term 4. Our topic this term is based upon the Titanic. The children will begin the topic by acting as a passenger on the sinking ship. They will create and design a banquet meal  for the Titanic along with a 3D model of the ship. 


Term 5
Term 5 is going to be an fascinating term. Within the theme of 'We are Botanists', we will explore what plants need to grow and the life cycle of plants. The term will with us planting our sunflowers and then tracking their growth. The year 3 children will explore the parts of a plant in more detail, looking closely at their functions. In English, we will create a piece of non-fiction writing which will link to botany. The learning will continue in Art; we have a theme of 'Take one Picture' - where we dive into looking at the beautiful work created by Claude Monet. You will all be welcome to view our lovely art pieces, once they are finished and up on display! 






Year 3s from Kingfisher will be swimming on a Wednesday afternoon in terms 5 & 6.

Please see the swimming page for more information:



Page Downloads Date  
We are Scientists Y 2 3 Term 3 Knowledge Organiser 14 Jan 2023 Download
Spelling Term 5 full stops 25 Apr 2023 Download
Spelling Term 5 yr 2Exclamation Marks 25 Apr 2023 Download
Spelling Term 5 Yr2 Capital letters 25 Apr 2023 Download
Term 5 Commas 2 25 Apr 2023 Download
Term 5 yr 3 Full Stops 2 25 Apr 2023 Download
Term 5 yr3 Exclamation Marks 1 25 Apr 2023 Download
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