School Clubs

We have various extracurricular clubs available, which will change from term to term.
Some clubs are run by our staff and some run by external providers, which may incur a fee.

Details of new school-run clubs will be given at the start of each term either in the newsletter or in a separate letter, with a permission slip which will need to be returned.

The same standard of behaviour is expected at clubs as at all other times and any child whose behaviour is unacceptable may be refused admission to the club.  It is important that children are collected on time; failure to do so will prevent the children from continuing to attend the club.  If bad weather prevents the club from running please make sure that your child knows what arrangements you have made for him/her at the end of school. If there is any doubt about the weather please come to school in case your child needs to be collected.

Sometimes teachers have commitments which prevent them from running their clubs. We try to give as much notice as possible when this happens.

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