Blackbird - Y 1/2

Welcome to Blackbird!


We are a mixed Year 1&2 class and you will find us in the nearest of the 3 Key Stage 1 classrooms.

Classroom Locations

Our teacher is Mrs Wellon and our teaching assistant is Mrs Ericsson.

If you have any questions, you can email Mrs Wellon at

Mrs Michelle Wellon, Blackbird TeacherMrs Michelle Wellon, Blackbird Teacher Mrs Vikki EricssonMrs Vikki Ericsson, Teaching Assistant

We started the term as botanists exploring the Forest School Area. We made dens, searched for wildlife, burrowed into the ground to explore how roots spread, we created natural art and sketched trees using pastels. This was a fabulous start to our English lessons where we are learning about the text ‘The magic and Mystery of Trees’ so we can write information texts. Our learning in Science will also support our writing because we are studying what plants and trees need to survive. We are really looking forward to our visit to Westonbirt so we can extend our knowledge. In Art we are taking one picture by Van Gogh to create our own interpretation of the Irises.

BBIMG 0123      IMG 0149     RR


In Term 4

We introduced the theme of 'We Are Historians' by baking currant cakes using the recipe which is believed to be the last thing baked befiore the fire began.

Baking 1

                    Baking 2More ingredients being addedBaking 3Just out of the oven!
Baking 4They are good enough to eat. We all took one home.
Fun in the Snow

We took the opportunity to play in the snow. We made a snow caterpillar, a snow mouse and snowmen.

IMG 0609IMG 0610IMG 0611IMG 0614

Homework, spellings and knowledge organisers can be found in the document list at the bottom of this page.


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