Blackbird - Y 1/2

Welcome to Blackbird!


We are a mixed Year 1&2 class and you will find us in the nearest of the 3 Key Stage 1 classrooms.

Classroom Locations

Our teacher is Mrs Wellon and our teaching assistants are Mrs McGrath and Miss Ponting.

If you have any questions, you can email Mrs Wellon at

Mrs Michelle Wellon, Blackbird TeacherMrs Michelle Wellon, Blackbird Teacher


Mrs Pascha Mcgrath, Teaching AssistantMrs Pascha Mcgrath, Teaching Assistant

Mrs McGrath , Teaching Assistant  

Term 5



Our key words from the text 'Dear Greenpeace' are; impossible, disappoint, Dear, Yours sincerely, creatures, forcefully afraid and studying.


The children enjoyed trying to solve the almost impossible challenges set  in the video below. The children were keen to try them at home and said that they even wanted to ask their parents to try and see if they were possible or impossible. Good Luck! 

Term 5 

The children were introduced to their new text ‘There’s a Snake in My School’ by a visit from two slippery, smooth creatures, Percy a Mexican black snake and Cassie a boa constrictor. The children were enthralled by the snakes and all of them showed bravery by stroking Cassie and asked many insightful questions to find out more about keeping snakes as pets.

Img 05951jpgImg 0606Img 0607

In science we are going to learn how to be a healthy human. We will focus on how important a healthy diet is, how exercise keeps us fit and strong and the importance of sleep. Throughout the term, the children will travel back in time to learn about the industrial past of Bradford on Avon, looking at key buildings which were central to the woollen, rubber and bicycle industries within the town. This will include the children finding out about a key family within the town ‘The Moultons’. To bring this learning to life each class will be undertaking walks around the town and visiting ‘The Hall’ and whilst their have lunch on the lawn.

The term will culminate in Fitz’s very own art gallery where the children’s recreation of Paul Klee’s work will be on show for parents and other family members to see. We very much look forward to seeing the children’s masterpieces and sharing this work with you.

Homework, spellings and knowledge organisers can be found in the document list at the bottom of this page.

Meet the Teacher

Early in week one parents were invited in to meet their child's class teacher. Please find the PowerPoint that we used to develop their understanding of a day in the life of a Key Stage 1 child in the document list below.












Homework, spellings and knowledge organisers can be found in the document list at the bottom of this page.


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