Emergency Closure

Parents/Carers Guide to Emergency Closure of Fitzmaurice Primary School

 There may be certain circumstances where the School will have to close to ensure the safety of pupils and staff. When it is necessary to close the School we will:

  • text/or email via Parentmail
  • update our website
  • broadcast information on local radio stations – (BBC Radio Wiltshire on 103.5, 104.3, or 104.9FM or Heart Wiltshire on 97.2  or 102.2FM

When it is not possible for staff to travel to school safely for normal opening hours they will arrive when it is safe to do so. Staff are not expected to compromise their safety in travelling to school.

In some circumstances it may be possible to keep the School open but not operate a conventional timetable e.g. opening later or closing earlier than usual.

The Head of School makes the final decision as to whether a school stays open or not. When prior knowledge allows, the Head of School will work with staff and parents and carers to ensure that the School remains open, even if not operating the usual school day.

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