Kingfisher - Y 1/2

Welcome to Kingfisher!

We are a mixed class from years 1 & 2 and you will find us in the furthest of the 3 Key Stage 1 classrooms.

Classroom Locations

Our teacher is Mr Horniman & our teaching assistant is Mrs Hughes.


If you have any questions, you can email the teacher at

J horniman sept 2023 Mrs Clare Hughes, Teaching Assistant
Homework, spellings and knowledge organisers can be found in the document list at the bottom of this page.

Term 4

In science this term, we are continuing to learn about animals and their habitats. This learning will be further embedded during our English lessons, where we will be studying the text ‘Dear Greenpeace’, which is about a small girl Emily who believes there is a whale living in her pond. The book contains an exchange of letters between Emily and Greenpeace, who are trying to convince Emily that a whale could not live in her pond. Towards the end of term, the children will write their own letter of explanation to someone convincing them not to keep an animal in an unsuitable habitat.

In maths we will be developing our understanding of multiplication and division, including counting in 2s, 5s and 10 which will to support their knowledge of the multiplication and division operations.

In Geography, the children have already started to learn the continent song to learn the 7 continent names and are beginning to link it to the types of habitats that can be found there. They will then go on to learn the names of the world’s oceans.

This term we will be looking at land art by Andy Goldsworthy. We have already begun to collect natural materials ready to create our own sculptures. 

We are very much looking forward to sharing what we have learnt in our class assemblies to parents later this term.

Meet the Teacher

Early in week one parents were invited in to meet their child's class teacher. Please find the PowerPoint that we used to develop their understanding of a day in the life of a Key Stage 1 child in the document list below - Transition into Blackbird, Falcon and Kingfisher Classes 23 24.



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