Swift - Y3/4

Welcome to Swift Class!

Welcome to Swift class.

We are a mixed class from years 3&4 and you will find us in the classroom opposite the hall. We are a respectful, ready and safe class, who enjoy being creative. We will do lots of inspiring and engaging learning throughout the year. There will be a key focus of times tables, presentation and reading. We have an exciting year ahead!

Eve farthing                         Ria Coles


Our teachers are Miss Farthing, and our teaching assistant is Mrs Coles.

Term 1 learning overview:

During term 1, we will be stepping back in time to the era of Ancient Greece. We will be focusing on:

  • The Ancient Greek chronology
  • The Olympic Games
  • Athens vs Sparta
  • Researching Greek Gods and Goddesses
  • Looking at the influence of Ancient Greece in today's society

In addition to this, we will be learning about the human skeleton and diet. We will be learning about:

  • The different types of bones
  • Comparing human and animal skeletons
  • The purpose of the skeleton
  • What makes a healthy diet


Knowledge Organisers Term 1 - Anicent Greece & Skeletons/Diet




Spellings for Term 1:






Meet the teacher powerpoint:


Classroom Locations Diagram






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