Swift - Y3/4

Welcome to Swift Class!

Welcome to Swift class.

We are a mixed class from years 3&4 and you will find us in the classroom opposite the hall. We are a respectful, ready and safe class, who enjoy being creative. We will do lots of inspiring and engaging learning throughout the year. There will be a key focus of times tables, presentation and reading. We have an exciting year ahead!

Eve farthing                         Ria Coles


Term 6

The last term of this year! We have had a brilliant start to term 6, after recieving a letter from an anonymous person. They had written to year 3&4 about their missing Mesopotamian Blue cat, called Varjak. The children were given a detailed description and designed missing posters to put around the school. This led to the discovery of our new class book 'Varjak Paw'. The children will be writing newspaper reports about the mysterious vanishings that have occured.

In science, the children are investigating states of matter. They will conduct experiments to observe the changes and evaluate their findings. The children will also be learning about the water cycle.

In geography, year 3&4 are researching the features of rivers. We will investiagte how rivers are used, how they are formed and where they are located.

Homework, Spellings And Knowledge Organisers Can Be Found In The Document List At The Bottom Of This Page.


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Page Downloads Date  
Kit List 18 Jan 2023 Download
Charterhouse Parent Meeting 10 Jan 2024 Download
Term 4 Commas 21 Feb 2024 Download
Term 4 Exclamation Marks 21 Feb 2024 Download
Term 4 Full Stops 21 Feb 2024 Download
Term 4 Question Marks 21 Feb 2024 Download
KO Electricity 17 Apr 2024 Download
KO Settlements 17 Apr 2024 Download
Spellings 29.4.24 24 Apr 2024 Download
Knowledge organiser Year 4 Changing State 05 Jun 2024 Download
Spellings Term 6 Commas 24 May 2023 Download
Spellings Term 6 Exclamation Marks 24 May 2023 Download
Spellings Term 6 Full Stops 24 May 2023 Download
Spellings Term 6 Question Marks 24 May 2023 Download
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