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Welcome to Robin Class!

A robin bird.

We are Robin class, a small but mighty band of Reception children. You will find us in the room known as the Nest.  Classroom Locations Diagram


Our teacher is Miss Howlin, and our teaching assistants are Mrs Alexander and Miss Anderson. We may also work with Mrs Wilson, the Wagtail class teacher as we share our classroom with Wagtail class. Mrs Fielding and Mrs Steadman will join us on Thursday mornings for PE or Forest Schools.  

If you have any queries you can email the teacher on

Miss Liz Howlin, Robins TeacherMiss Liz Howlin, Robins Teacher Mrs Laura Wilson, Assistant Head & Wagtail Teacher Mrs Karen Busson, SENCo & Wagtail Teacher
Mrs Sam Alexander, Teaching Assistant Mrs Julie Fielding, Teaching Assistant Mrs Nicola Steadman, Forest Schools

General Class Information

In Foundation we are taught through whole class sessions, such as Little Wandle Phonics and Numbersense Maths, and then practise, develop and extend our learning through high quality play experiences. Please come to our Fitz Playdates to learn more about your child's education in the Foundation Stage and discover how you can support your child's learning. Please see the link to the workshop presentations below for more details.

This page will continue to be updated throughout the course of the year. 

Our core aim as educators is to get your children reading and become confident writers and mathematicians. Please read to your children and with your children as often as possible. Regular practise with their phonic reading book is a key expectation of learning at home but it is also really important for you to read to your children - that bedtime story is growing their vocabulary and understanding!  Regular counting in ones will support their maths and opportunities to write at home are always beneficial. However remember they have had busy days at school - so if you can only fit on one thing before they are too tired, please read!

Reading books

We change reading books every Tuesday and Friday, this gives you opportunity to read and re-read your book three times. We also send home the read and share bags with your Reading for Pleasure texts; we ask that these are returned every Thursday please.


We reward your children using positive praise, marbles and tokens home. The marbles the children earn feed into a jar and when this is full we have a whole class treat- this is often things like extra playtime, extra time on the pirate ship play equipment or a dance session.

Welcome to Term 6!

We can’t quite believe our last term of the year has arrived already! It hardly seems any time at all since we first welcomed the children to Fitzmaurice!

This term we are learning about growing, changing and healthy habits! We will be learning about all kinds of vegetables through our book Oliver’s Vegetables by Alison Bartlett and Vivian French. We will sort healthy foods into fruit and vegetables and discover why some ‘vegetables’ are not vegetables after all! We have already planted some seeds and will be looking after some tomato plants whilst learning about what plants need to grow. We will also be designing and making some vegetable soup! As part of our Healthy Me topic we are learning where our food comes from and are really excited about visiting Warleigh Lodge Farm. We are also learning about why exercise is good for you, practising hard for our first school Sports Day, and looking forward to the Bean Bag Olympics in July when we meet up with Foundation children from all the Palladian Academy Trust schools!

As our year in Foundation comes to a close, it’s still really important to remember to keep practising all the sounds that the children have learned this year. Remind them to spot digraphs and trigraphs in the texts that they read. We will be continuing to build on our skills in phonics so look out for the weekly sheet every Friday which lets you know what we have been learning! Regular practise will help them become more fluent in their reading and prepare them well for the Year One phonics curriculum.

In Maths we will be recapping all of our learning about number and number patterns this year, as well as exploring measuring, maps and plans.

We are looking forward to this closing chapter of your children’s journey through the Foundation Stage as we prepare to launch them onwards with learning and laughter!


Welcome to Term 5!

This term we are becoming artists! We will be learning about the science of colour and exploring light. We will be looking at the work of Vincent Van Gogh, learning a little about his life, and exploring a range of his work and techniques. We will be focusing on his artwork The Starry Night when producing our own masterpieces.  We are really looking forward to our visit to the Holbourne Museum in Bath where we will be visiting the galleries and making our own art in a workshop.  

We will be continuing to build on our skills in phonics so look out for the weekly sheet sent home on Fridays which tells you about the words and sentences that we have been reading and writing that week. We are now practicing Guided Reading where children read in a group with a teacher. These group reading sessions use books from the same scheme as our individual reading books so rest assured that we are still hearing your child read and know how they are progressing.

In maths we will be exploring how to make the all the numbers to 10 so children will be exploring number bonds to 10; comparing numbers to 10 and patterns in number such as odd and evens, doubles and equal distribution.

We are looking forward to another busy and rewarding term, full of fun and learning!


Welcome to Term 4!

This term we will be exploring the wonderful world of animals and our Understanding the World work will be based around this. We started the term with some mythical beasts, celebrating the Lunar New Year, Year of the Dragon. The children loved staffing our chinese restaurant and made Asian dragons (no wings!) in our designing and making area. It was lovely to hear the children being able to talk about some of the traditions around the festival. This week we have been reading our core text The Tiger Who Came to Tea and were surprised by some lovely Year Six helpers who ran a cafe serving us afternoon tea. A large tiger is now joining us in our cafe, and we are doing our best to make him as many jam sandwiches as we can! In maths we are looking at all the different ways to make numbers to 5 using cherry diagrams.  We are looking forward to another fun filled term!

Welcome to Term 3!

We have had an amazing start to 2024 with an out of this world journey to space! The children enjoyed getting into their rocket and experiencing space and have been very keen to tell us everything they know! We are looking forward to learning more about it as term progresses! The phonics programme picks up the pace this term with a wealth of digraphs and some trigraphs too! Don't forget to check your child's book wallet every Friday for the guide to the week's learning so that you can practise with your child at home. We are also going to be learning numbers beyond 5 as well as developing the children's more earth-bound spatial awareness!


Week commencing 11th December message

Autumn gave us lots of opportunities to learn about the world around us and we enjoyed looking at seasons and learning poems about the falling leaves. Our Goldilocks learning has meant we have become amazing actors and have enjoyed changing our voices for the three bears and acting like the cheeky Goldilocks! We have been writing about the things Goldilocks saw in the bears cottage, and we are able to use all the sounds we have learnt in our phonics and the skills from our handwriting lessons. Some of us even chose to make and write our own books. In our maths lessons we have been focussing on subitising and spotting how we know which numbers we can see. We are now experts in our class routines and understand the school rules really well. 

Fitz Playdates dates and timings. 

In term 1, We have run sessions on play, the joy of reading, and phonics. 

In Term 2 We ran sessions on our reading scheme and maths in the Foundation Stage.

Raising readers Read aloud Einstein


FS2 Parent Workshop PresentationsFS2 Support Sheets - Letter Formation and Sounds

Recommened Websites

Here some websites that we thought Swifts would enjoy: - Lots of fun maths and english games.

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Virtual Visits:

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Explore NASAs image and video library


Learning / lessons - various subjects:



Phonics Play




Story time:

Stories from space:


Arts & Crafts:

Draw with an illustrator:   - free clipart



Try a PE lesson with Joe Wicks


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