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Welcome to Robin Class!

A robin bird.

We are Robin class, a small but mighty band of Reception children. You will find us in the room known as the Nest.  Classroom Locations Diagram


Our teacher is Miss Howlin, and our teaching assistants are Mrs Alexander and Miss Anderson. We may also work with Mrs Wilson, the Wagtail class teacher as we share our classroom with Wagtail class. Mrs Fielding and Mrs Steadman will join us on Thursday mornings for PE or Forest Schools.  

If you have any queries you can email the teacher on

Miss Liz Howlin, Robins TeacherMiss Liz Howlin, Robins Teacher Mrs Laura Wilson, Assistant Head & Wagtail Teacher Mrs Karen Busson, SENCo & Wagtail Teacher
Mrs Sam Alexander, Teaching Assistant Mrs Julie Fielding, Teaching Assistant Mrs Nicola Steadman, Forest Schools

General Class Information

In Foundation we are taught through whole class sessions, such as Little Wandle Phonics and Numbersense Maths, and then practise, develop and extend our learning through high quality play experiences. Please come to our Fitz Playdates to learn more about your child's education in the Foundation Stage and discover how you can support your child's learning. Please see the link to the workshop presentations below for more details.

This page will continue to be updated throughout the course of the year. 

Our core aim as educators is to get your children reading and become confident writers and mathematicians. Please read to your children and with your children as often as possible. Regular practise with their phonic reading book is a key expectation of learning at home but it is also really important for you to read to your children - that bedtime story is growing their vocabulary and understanding!  Regular counting in ones will support their maths and opportunities to write at home are always beneficial. However remember they have had busy days at school - so if you can only fit on one thing before they are too tired, please read!

Reading books

We change reading books every Tuesday and Friday, this gives you opportunity to read and re-read your book three times. We also send home the read and share bags with your Reading for Pleasure texts; we ask that these are returned every Thursday please.


We reward your children using positive praise, marbles and tokens home. The marbles the children earn feed into a jar and when this is full we have a whole class treat- this is often things like extra playtime, extra time on the pirate ship play equipment or a dance session.

EYFS Parent Workshops

Please see the list of our upcoming workshops

Thursday 28th September 2:15pm

Fitz Family Playdate


The Importance of Play

Meet Debbie Lewis Parent Support Advisor at our Play Workshop

Thursday  5th October 2:15pm

Fitz Family Playdate


The Joy of Reading

Meet our Reading Lead at our workshop about developing a love of reading
Thursday 12th October 2:15pm

Fitz Family Playdate

Introducing Little Wandle Phonics

Meet our Literacy Leads at our Workshop about teaching Phonics at Fitz
Thursday 2nd November 2:15pm

Fitz Family Playdate

Introducing the Reading Scheme Routine and Guided Reading

Meet our Reading Lead at our Reading Workshop 
Thursday 9th November 2:15pm

Fitz Family Playdate


Maths in the Foundation Stage

Meet our Maths  Lead at our Workshop about teaching Maths at Fitz
Raising readers Read aloud Einstein


FS2 Parent Workshop PresentationsFS2 Support Sheets - Letter Formation and Sounds

Recommened Websites

Here some websites that we thought Swifts would enjoy: - Lots of fun maths and english games.

Reading:  - reading books at different  levels.

Virtual Visits:

This website has a list of museums which now offer virtual tours:


Visit an aquarium online:


Explore NASAs image and video library


Learning / lessons - various subjects:



Phonics Play




Story time:

Stories from space:


Arts & Crafts:

Draw with an illustrator:   - free clipart



Try a PE lesson with Joe Wicks


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