Dove Y3/4

Welcome to Dove!

We are a mixed class from years 3&4 and you will find us in the KS2 corridor, in the classroom nearest the hall.

Classroom Locations

Our teacher is Miss Blake and our teaching assistants are Miss Ponting & Miss Nicholson.

If you have any questions, you can email Miss Blake:


Term 5

In English this term, we are focusing on the book ‘Who Was Nikola Tesla?’. We will learn about his inventions, which will lead us to create our own explanation text describing an intention the children have created. Did you know Nikola Tesla had a fear of pearls and his favourite animal was a pigeon?

This leads nicely into our Science, which is based around electricity. The children will create electrical circuits, learning about the different components and symbols.

For History, our topic is ‘Local History’. For this, we will be researching the settlement of Bradford on Avon and comparing the changes over the years. The children will be looking at the different significant buildings and placing them on a timeline.

Our fabulous finisher this term will be an art gallery showcasing our projects. Year 3 and 4 are using mixed media to create their final artwork. You will be welcome to visit the art gallery after school on the last day of term.

Here are some pictures of our dragon eyes that we made in Term 2:

IMG 0229IMG 0228IMG 0227


Homework, Spellings And Knowledge Organisers Can Be Found In The Document List At The Bottom Of This Page.

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