Dove Y3/4

Welcome to Dove!

We are a mixed class from years 3&4 and you will find us in the KS2 corridor, in the classroom nearest the hall.

Classroom Locations

Our teacher is Miss Blake and our teaching assistants are Miss Ponting & Miss Nicholson.

If you have any questions, you can email Miss Blake:

Term 2 has started off with a BANG! Dove class discovered a scaly dragon egg, some silver slime and a Viking helmet. We started to make predictions about what might have happened. Some of us thought the Viking helmet belonged to a dragon rider, while others investigated the dragon slime. This led us to our new class book: How to Train your Dragon. Chapter 1 and 2 really got us hooked!

For science, we are looking at living things and their habitats. The children started off by looking outside, digging and inspecting different habitats. They were excited to have found a slow worm!

In DT, Dove class will be making a prototype of a dragon trap. Our purpose is to help rescue some stranded dragons and return them back to their home safely.

Our art project this term will be do design and make our own dragon eyes out of clay! We will be diving into the colour wheel, experimenting with different coloured paints.


Homework, Spellings And Knowledge Organisers Can Be Found In The Document List At The Bottom Of This Page.

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