Dove Y3/4

Welcome to Dove!

We are a mixed class from years 3&4 and you will find us in the KS2 corridor, in the classroom nearest the hall.

Can you believe we have started Term 3 already? The children went whale watching during their first week back and made some fantastic observations. This term we will be focusing on the book 'The Lost Whale' during our English lessons; looking at the fantastic vocabulary and creating our own fantasy story. 

Our topic is all about electricty, so the children will be exploring how to create electrical circuits and making their very own torch! We will be investigating the inspirational Thomas Edison and his inventions. I wonder how his inventions changed the world? 

We have a super exciting term ahead and I can't wait to see all the hard work the children produce!

Classroom Locations

Our teacher is Miss Moore and our teaching assistants are Mrs Fisher and Honour.

If you have any questions, you can email Miss Moore at

Miss Laura Moore, Dove TeacherMiss Laura Moore, Dove Teacher Mrs Carly Fisher, Teaching AssistantMrs Carly Fisher, Teaching Assistant Miss Honour Luckins, Teaching AssistantMiss Honour Luckins, Teaching Assistant


Year 4 Trip to Charterhouse


Statutory Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) for Y4

Powerpoint explaining the MTC.



Doves will be swimming on a Wednesday afternoon in terms 3 & 4 in 2021/22.

Please see the swimming page for more information:


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