Falcon Y 1/2

Welcome to Falcon!

We are a mixed class from years 1&2 and you will find us in the middle of the 3 key stage one classrooms.

Classroom Locations Diagram

Our teacher is Mr Ladner and our teaching assistants are Mrs Fielding and Mrs Dennett.

If you have any queries, you can email Mr Ladner at FPSfalcon@PalladianAcademyTrust.com

Mr Alex LadnerMr Alex Ladner, Falcon Teacher Mrs Julie Fielding, Teaching AssistantMrs Julie Fielding, Teaching Assistant Mrs Jayne DennettMrs Jayne Dennett, Teaching Assistant


Term 2

This term, in Key Stage One, we have started with our new text 'The Most important animal of all.' This book explores a range of important and interesting animals from around the world. We will be focusing on elephants, bees and sharks!

In maths, we have started our exploration of addition and subtraction. This will be an exciting term as the children expand their mathematical knowledge and continue to develop their reasonings skills. In art, we will be making clay pots, coming up with their own animal pattern designs and plans before constructing their final product. We will continue to learn about  the numan body and about animals. This links well this term's book and the children should love it! 

Towards the end of term we will be casting, rehearsing and performing our nativity! The children will be able to take part in a low stakes audition and work together to put together the Key Stage One production.

Forest school has switched from Falcon Class to Blackbird class. This will be taking place every Thursday as normal.


Homework, spellings and knowledge organisers can be found in the document list at the bottom of this page.


Meet the Teacher

Early in week one parents were invited in to meet their child's class teacher. Please find the PowerPoint that we used to develop their understanding of a day in the life of a Key Stage 1 child in the document list below - Transition into Blacbird, Falcon & Kingfisher classes.


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