Red Kite - Y5/6


Welcome to Red Kite!

We are a year 5/6 class and you will find us in the second classroom from the main entrance, in the KS2 corridor.

Term 4

What are we doing in Spring term 4?

This term, our topic is history based, focussing on the English Civil War. Our new English book is called Kensuke’s Kingdom. The writing focus in week 5 will be a narrative fiction based upon a person who finds out they are not alone in a supposedly deserted space.

In maths, we will be focussing on area, perimeter and volume, alongside decimals in year 5 and algebra in year 6. Towards the end of the term, we will move onto properties of shape.

Science will be all about electricity and investigations of the different objects that we can use to create complete electrical circuits.

The children are looking forward to learning about digital art and will be thinking about how to use photography to create stop-motion videos. We will let you know if we need any bits and bobs from your recycling bin.

In RE, we will consider the question ‘How did God intend Jesus to be crucified and if so, was he aware of it?’ Our music focus will be the rap, ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’- performed by Will Smith.



Term 3

What are we doing in Spring term 3?

This term, our topic is geography based, focussing on deserts, ports and industrial areas. In English, our new book is called How to Survive Anywhere and we will be finding out how, indeed, to survive anywhere! The writing focus will be an explanation text on how to survive in a harsh environment of the children's choice. If you have any survival type books at home that your child would like to share with the class, then please feel free for the books to come in to school.

In maths, we will focus on equivalent fractions. Towards the end of the term, we will move onto converting units.

In science, we are comparing the lifecycles of different animals and finding out about the different ways plant reproduce - and trying to propagate some plants ourselves.

We will be learning about gears and pulleys in DT and the children will be designing a gadget that will help them survive in their chosen, harsh environment. We will let you know if we need any bits and bobs from your recycling bin.

In RE, we will be asking how can Brahman be everywhere and in everything? In music we will be singing the slow pop ballad, 'Make you feel my love' - originally sung by Bob Dylan in 1997 and covered by Adele in 2008.

PSHE this term is focussed on the unit keeping safe and the children will be discussing how to spot bullying, how to make good decisions, how to manage risk and we will find out about the effects of vaping on the body.


Classroom LocationsOur teachers are Mr Tozer (Mon-Thurs) and Mrs Duffield (Fri);  our teaching assistant is Mrs Smith.

If you have any questions, you can email the teacher at

Mr Steve Tozer, Red Kite TeacherMr Steve Tozer, Red Kite Teacher                   

Ms Liz Duffield

Mrs Liz Duffield, Red Kite Teacher

       Ms Caroline Cox, Teaching Assistant

Mrs Smith Teaching Assistant




Term 1
Welcome to Red Kite class. We are a mixed year 5/6 class and you will find us in the classroom next to reception. This term, we are focusing on our expectations of being ready, respectful and safe. Our learning is based upon the invaders and settlers of Great Britain. We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead!

Year 6 SATs Information


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