Cricket Tournament

7 June 2022

On Tuesday 7th June, a team of nine players from Fitz took on the challenge of playing Churchfields School at Winsley Cricket Club. The winner would go through to the county finals. Our team included, David, Harvey, Luke, Lewis, George, Ellie, Jack, Archie and Ewan. In the morning there were two practice matches which were both won by us. Then we had a lunch break before the big game. In this important game, Fitz bowled first. The team performed really well and Churchfields only scored 38 runs. We also earned 15 extra runs for taking three wickets. Then it was our turn to bat. We batted in pairs and scored a massive 109 runs in 40 balls without losing a single wicket. Adding on our extra 15 bonus runs made our total a whopping 124! So Fitzmaurice won easily showing fantastic teamwork and respect throughout the whole day.

By Lewis and Harvey

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