Wiltshire Schools Dance Festival - 16th February 2022

15 March 2022

On Wednesday 16th February,  we were part of a group of 28 students from Fitzmaurice who went to perform our dance for the Wiltshire Schools Dance Festival at the Forum in Bath. Our theme was ‘Back to the Future’ and we were told to put together the bright and brilliant outfits, as if we were from the 80s. It was pretty scary at first, but once we were on stage, we couldn’t see the audience as it all went dark, except for the stage. We danced to ‘Step Back In Time’ By Kylie Minogue, which is a really up-beat and exciting song. At the end of the dance, we all walked forward and bowed to a big round of applause. It was an amazing experience, and we would love to do it again! 

By Milla and Rafaela

Below is a picture of some of the dancers in their fabulous outfits!

Some of the dancers in their colourful outfits.

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