Welcome to the Library at Fitzmaurice!

When are we open?

We are open throughout the day from for students and staff to read, work and use the wealth of resources available to them.

Each class are allocated a time when they children can return books, browse and borrow new books.

  12.30-1 1-1.30
Monday Falcon Swift
Tuesday Blackbirds Y6
Wednesday Goslings Red kites
Thursday Ducklings Doves
Friday Goldfinch  


The library is also open after school for children to use the library with their parents or careers.

Tiddlywinks nursery have access the library each week, on a Tuesday morning.


Library staff

The teachers responsible for the running of the library are Mrs Saunders and Mrs Wilson.

We are lucky enough to have secured a few volunteer Library helpers, without which the library would not be able to run.

Year 6 children also assist in the running of the library. Children have applied for the position and been through an interview for the position of Library Monitors. We have two Year 6 children each day that help children to return and borrow books.



How many?

Pupils can currently borrow one book at a time.


How do I borrow or return something?

If there is a volunteer librarian in you can hand your book directly to them to scan back into the library. If no one is there, or they are busy, there is a box labelled ‘books to be scanned in to return’ just pop your book in there.

To borrow a book, simply browse the shelves, using a paddle to help you place your books back in the correct space, then take any item you want to borrow to the desk where a volunteer will scan your book out for you, providing you have returned your other items.


Can I have my item for longer?

Yes, just call in at the Library to renew it.


Lost or damaged book policy.

No one wakes up in the morning with the goal of losing or damaging a library book. Accidents happen. In the school Library, we assume that all of our students do their best to take good care of the materials they borrow from the library. The goal of this policy is to ensure the availability of materials for all library users, not to penalise users or “make money” on overdue books. As an incentive to encourage people to return overdue materials, the library suspends borrowing for users who have materials which are overdue.

If the book has been lost for less than four weeks, we ask you to keep looking for it, and you may get a little note reminding you about the book. After four weeks have passed since the book was due, the book is officially considered lost and you will receive a ‘Lost book Letter’. At that point, your family must choose to either return the missing item, replace the book with like for like, or pay the replacement cost. It is our hope that no one ever has to pay for a lost book because our ultimate goal is always just to get our original book back!

If you want the school to replace the book, you will need to see Mrs Wilson and she will calculate the cost of a new book. If the missing item is located after payment, it becomes the property of your family.


I’m interested in volunteering in the library

If you are interested in joining the library team, please leave a message with the school reception and we will contact you.

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