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The study of History teaches children fundamental intellectual and personal life skills; the ability to question; think critically; develop coherent arguments; understand the process of change; and to respect the complexities, similarities and differences of human societies, cultures and relationships across the globe.

In line with the National Curriculum the teaching of History at Fitzmaurice covers the Early History of Britain from the Stone Age onwards, but with opportunities in Key Stage 2 to begin to learn the history of societies outside of the United Kingdom and to study History thematically. We aim where possible to provide experiences that link to the history of the local area and give children the opportunity to look at primary sources, for example using documents from the Wiltshire Constabulary archives when we study the theme of Crime and Punishment.


In Geography, our aim is to inspire a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people through learning about diverse cultures, places and environments. The children will also gain knowledge of the world’s human and physical features through studying globally significant places and changes over time. They will learn to interpret a range of geographical information, including maps, atlases, diagrams and photographs. In Key Stage 1, there is a focus on world, UK and local geography which is explored through research and observation. Children begin to understand seasonal weather patterns, recognise hot and cold areas across the globe and build their geographical vocabulary for the world’s physical and human features. In Key Stage 2, children develop their knowledge further by identifying countries and major world cities on a map. They also begin to explore the world’s climate zones, biomes, Earth’s natural resources and the development of settlements and important trade links.

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Geography Curriculum Spine 05 Mar 2024 Download
History Curriculum Spine 05 Mar 2024 Download

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