At Fitzmaurice we recognise that technology plays a huge part in modern life and will only become more integral as our children grow up. We appreciate that our children’s access to technology outside of school varies widely and we therefore aim to equip every child to confidently use all forms of technology as well as developing a solid understanding of how computers work. Furthermore, we aim to develop children’s perception of technology as a tool for learning, innovation and discovery. Our curriculum aims to embed technology throughout all subjects and allow every pupil hands-on experience using a variety of hardware and software. Children have access to a variety of systems that handle electronic information. This includes computers, laptops, interactive whiteboards, iPads, programmable robots and various recording equipment. We provide children with quality internet access as part of their learning experience; internet access is supervised and filtered. Children have the opportunity to use technology to enhance their learning in all subjects as well as learn Computer Science discreetly.

Furthermore, we believe that it is very important that children are taught to be good ‘Digital Citizens’. Therefore children are taught lessons which encompass online safety, online bullying, online privacy and identity, healthy technology usage, use of passwords, copyright and managing information online. Ultimately, children should leave Fitzmaurice as confident, able and responsible Digital Citizens.

Subject Documents Date  
Computing Curriculum Spine 05 Mar 2024 Download
Computing Intent, Implementation & Impact Statement 05 Mar 2024 Download

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