Owl - Y4/5

Welcome to Owl Class!

We are a year 4/5 class and you will find us in the third classroom from the main entrance along the KS2 corridor.

Our teacher is Miss Blake & our teaching assistants are Mrs Cox and Dave.

If you have any questions you can email Miss Blake  at FPSowl@PalladianAcademyTrust.com

Miss Babs Blake, Owl TeacherMiss Babs Blake, Owl Teacher Ms Caroline Cox,  Teaching AssistantMs Caroline Cox, Teaching Assistant Dave - a model skeleton wearing a jester's hat.Dave


This term's knowledge organisers, homework and spellings can be found in the document list at the bottom of this page.

Class Update January 2023

What have Owl class been up to since September? The children have been very busy and have learnt so much in a short amount of time. In term 1, our learning focus was the Stone Age, the children learnt about life in this era in detail and reflected on how life in prehistoric times differs from life today. We had excellent discussions about our book ‘The boy with a bronze axe’ focusing on what it was like to be a child then and now; they all thought life today is definitely easier and lot less gruesome. Alongside our main topic, the children also learnt about fossilisation and Mary Anning – the fossil hunter; the children wrote well researched biographies about her life and also learnt how to draw an ammonite which they then turned into a colourful monoprint; another new skill they learnt.

 In term 2, our topic was ‘We are voyagers’, the learning focus was Edmund Hillary and Norgay Tenzing’s triumph on reaching the summit of Everest, for the first time in history. We have delved deeply into how this was a monumental achievement and the children stepped into the explorers shoes by writing a very empathetic diary recount. Finally, at the end of our busy term, we found the energy to climb Mt Everest! This term’s work has been very cross curricular; we have been finding about mountains and how they are formed, what happens in an earthquake, drawing brilliant mountain landscapes and finally making stop/ go animations about reaching the summit.

 A special mention goes to the Year 5 s who took part in the opera production of ‘The Moon Hares’ at the Music centre, I know that you will agree with me, the children were inspirational and performed amazingly on the night, they brought a tear to my eye. I was so proud of them.

Term 3 is going to be very busy as promised. Our main topic is ‘We are scientists’. As a class we are going be focusing on Thomas Edison vs Nikola Tesla- whose electricity inventions had the most impact at the time and today. Throughout term will be having a weekly science focus, we will be looking at states of matter (including electrical conductors and insulators) as well as a theme week based solely on electricity, which will culminate with the children designing a room fitted with an alarm. Our book focus for this term is ‘The Danger Gang’ by Tom Fletcher, we will be writing a warning narrative about the dangers of thunderstorms and life changing super powers!  . Finally, we will be designing and making superhero logos which will be sewn onto the children’s soft toy superhero- for this to happen we need very patient volunteers who have a love of sewing, to help us; this will happen w/c 30/1 if you can help.

Year 4 Trip to Charterhouse


Statutory Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) for Y4

Powerpoint explaining the MTC.


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Year 4 Owls will be swimming on a Wednesday afternoon in terms 5 & 6 in 2021/22.

Please see the swimming page for more information:



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