Robin - YR/1

Welcome to Robin Class!

We are a mixed class of children from FS2 (Reception) and year 1. You will find us in the room known as the Nest.  Classroom Locations Diagram


Our teacher is Miss Howlin, and our teaching assistants are Mrs Hughes and Mr Payton. 

If you have any queries you can email the teacher on

Miss Liz Howlin, Robin TeacherMiss Liz Howlin, Robin Teacher Mrs Clare Hughes,  Teaching AssistantMrs Clare Hughes, TA Mr rob payton teaching assistantMr Payton


Year 1 spellings can be found in the document list at the bottom of this page.

This page will updated throughout the year. We will put all our important information here. There are some recommended websites further down the page but to begin the year we want your child to simply enjoy being in our class. We ask you to chat with your children about their day as we join you in your school journey and make learning fun and exciting.

We want to encourage you to read to your children and with your children as often as possible. Regular counting in ones for FS2 children and in ones, twos, fives and tens for Year One will support their maths and opportunities to write at home are always beneficial. However remember they have had busy days at school - so if you can only fit on one thing before they are too tired, please read!

Raising readers Read aloud Einstein


FS2 Parent Workshop PresentationsFS2 Support Sheets - Letter Formation and Sounds

Recommened Websites

Here some websites that we thought Swifts would enjoy: - Lots of fun maths and english games.

Reading:  - reading books at different  levels.

Virtual Visits:

This website has a list of museums which now offer virtual tours:


Visit an aquarium online:


Explore NASAs image and video library


Learning / lessons - various subjects:



Phonics Play




Story time:

Stories from space:


Arts & Crafts:

Draw with an illustrator:   - free clipart



Try a PE lesson with Joe Wicks


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