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Sports Premium Funding Statement 2015/16

For 2015/16 we have been allocated a new Sports Premium budget of £9,300.  Proposed expenditure will be on  the following:


  • We are introducing a sports peer leadership scheme in school and some of the money will be used to promote and establish this, so this can be maintained for future years to come.
  • We have bought new hoodies for our sports peer leaders to make them more identifiable on the playground.
  • We will be introducing new sports/activities during Health Week – June 2016 – hiring sports coaches to lead enrichment sessions, and to introduce new sports to the pupils. e.g. Parcour
  • All Year 3/4 children will be swimming for 30 weeks throughout the year, enabling them to improve their lifesaving skills, learn to dive and to improve/develop their water skills at their level.
  • Year 6 children, who require it,  will be participating in top up swim sessions in June 2016, ensuring they leave primary school being able to swim 25 m on their front and back.
  • Employing a specialist sports teacher to work alongside the teachers to improve their skills base.
  • We are members of the Bradford on Avon Sports Federation, which encourages inter-school competition and offers in-house CPD to all staff members throughout the year.
  • Some of the money will be spent transporting children to festivals, e.g. football, netball, dance…
  • Some of the money will be spent on supply cover to allow our Sports Leader to attend  festivals and competitions during school hours.
  • We will be purchasing new football and rugby kit this academic year.
  • Some of the funding will be used to replace worn out equipment and to ‘kit out’ the inside of our new PE shed.
  • We have invested in a sports premium web app which allows us to track the impact of our sports premium budget spending.


Impact so far…


  • Two teachers have received CPD games training from our specialist in Term 1 and are now confidently planning and delivering high quality games lessons based on the training they have received.
  • Our sports peer leaders are available on the playground to encourage other children to engage in physical activity. They are easily identifiable in their distinctive hoodies, so children know who they can go to.