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Miss Challinor's Cake Challenge

Super Spider Subtraction

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History Challenge

Well done to everyone who talked to older relatives this week about their memories of national events from their childhoods. You are all historians!

Mrs Dunn's scone challenge

V.E. Day

Poppy celebrates her birthday

Martha's Home Learning

Exploring Animals and Nature

Mrs Watson's Map Challenge

Miss Challinor's Challenge

Robins Writing Challenges

More Home Learning from Ava

Rosie has been busy!

Frankie does some phonics

Still image for this video
Frankie tries out the new DfE Letters and Sounds Youtube channel. Well done Frankie!

Henry is loving learning

Anna has been very busy!

Erika took some photographs and did some writing about some sheep near her home

Poppy has been a super-learner!

Happy Birthday to Ava-Lily who had her fifth birthday in the holidays!

Jessica has been cooking, digging for worms and doing some amazing writing!

Annabella has been making rainbow bubbles and playing a game with chalk in the garden.

William has been very busy keeping fit and doing some maths.

Jessica has been keeping fit, making shapes with lollipop sticks and building a tower for the Lego challenge!

Rosie has been making volcanoes with her sister.

Poppy has been planting carrots and sunflowers.

William has been busy with his handwriting and craft.

Theo has researched camels and built a den with his big brother.

Erika and Frankie have been practising their writing.

Ava-Lily has been enjoying arts and crafts in the sunshine.

Frankie and her big brother have made a fantastic Easter wreath.

Henry has been busy drawing and keeping active, as well as practising sharing things equally and making fruit salad.