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Welcome to Robin Class!


Looking for help with teaching your child at home during this tricky time? Scroll down the page to the Home Learning Section!


Robin is an FS2 (Reception) class. You will find us in the room known as The Nest.


Our teacher is Miss Howlin and our teaching assistants are Mrs Watson and Miss Challinor.



Picture 1 Miss Howlin
Picture 2 Mrs Watson
Picture 3 Miss Challinor

New Classroom Layout

We have made a video for non-keyworker reception children, to show you what Robins class looks like and to explain what you need to do when you arrive at school.

You can find it in the Video Resource Centre :


Keyworkers' children will be in the Hall after half term :


Home Learning


There is a Home Learning Page on the main website menu bar.  This will be updated with the learning suggestions each week. Challenge videos are on the Video Resource Centre page and photographs of children's work are on the Robins Home Learning Gallery If you need any help please email me on

Helping your child with writing


Some of you have been asking for guidance on how to support your child to write so here are a few handy hints and tips to help you.


Have a range of different writing resources around including different types of paper, a range of different sized spiral bound notebooks, sticky notes and even home made books made by folding and stapling pieces of paper. Maybe you could have a special pencil for doing writing  - sparkly, fluffy, or decorated with a favourite character or TV show such as Paw Patrol, Frozen, Ninja Turtles.


When encouraging your child to write get them to say the sentence they want to write first. Chant it together a few times. For writing individual words, get your child to sound them out first - first, middle and end sounds. If your child cannot remember how to write the sound they need then they can use a sound board - see below for phase 2 and 3 sound boards.


Finally, if writing with your child is becoming stressful  - stop and try again another time. Try to make writing a fun real-world experience. Can they help with a shopping list or write to a relative? You could try making a post box and write letters to each other during the day. You could arrange for your child to get a surprise letter from a favourite book or film character.


Happy Writing!

An Easter surprise!

Still image for this video
Hello Robin class,
Over the Easter holidays I made an amazing discovery in my garden. Watch the videos to find out what it is...

garden surprise.MOV

Still image for this video

Bird Song


Check out this article for some great photos and sound recordings of garden birds....

Tuesday 21st April

Hello Robins,

I thought that we could do some learning tasks based around the duck's nest in my garden. For 

Understanding the World you could investigate what birds are in your garden using the article above which has birdsong and photographs to help you identify birds. Which birds visit your garden? How many birds? Can you spot any birds nests in the trees (or bushes) that you can see around you?

The White Rose Maths activities below are all based around eggs. Don't worry if you don't have the books they mention, you can still do the activities!

Also for Maths all of the Numberblocks videos are now up on iplayer. This week i would like you to watch the first 5 episodes of Series 2 which can be found here

You could also practise singing 5 little Ducks Went Swimming One Day - here is a slightly different American version that i have found on YouTube


The word duck ends with a ck. Can you think of (and list) as many words that end in ck as you can?


See the video learning challenge i shall post shortly!

I am off to inspect the duck nest in my garden and will post a video of it shortly - i think the ducklings might hatch soon!



Home Learning

Hello Everyone,

It's so nice to hear from your emails how you are all getting on. As well as everything on this Robins Home Learning page remember that there is now a Home Learning Page on the main website menu bar.

I just wanted to also make you aware of a really great blog that early years teachers use a lot from Alistair Bryce Clegg. It now has a Home Learning page which is full of fun practical learning to do around the home. 

Here is the link

Take care everyone, keep having fun and stay safe.

Miss Howlin


Here are some websites which you might like to explore


Virtual Visits:

The US National Parks:


This website has a list of museums which now offer virtual tours:


Visit an aquarium online:


Explore NASAs image and video library



Learning / lessons - various subjects: (this also has e books)




Phonics Play

(Username: march20  Password:home)


Story time:

Stories from space:



Arts & Crafts:


There is also a good website called Topmarks where you can find phonics and maths games for your child to play.


We also really recommend Cbeebies Numberblocks - catch it on bbc iplayer but it is also available on DVD which means you can view it in order. It is very good at developing early maths skills - so much so that experts in teaching maths have created a set of teaching materials for teachers to use alongside each episode. It also links really well to work that your children will do in Year One.

Follow this link to see our class home learning pictures:


This year Robins will be doing Forest Schools on a Tuesday morning during term 1 and term 6.


ITV News Report on Intergenerational Project

As some of you may know, some children from the Nest have been having sessions on Tuesday mornings with visitors from Wiltshire Heights Care Home as part of a project called ‘The Intergenerational Project’ where people from different generations join together and share their experiences. We were approached by ITV West Country News who recently visited the school to film part of a session and speak to some of the children and residents. You can read the article and watch the video using the following link:

We are now doing cursive writing in the Foundation Stage


To show cursive letter formation to your child please follow this link,



Here is the YouTube link for the pronunciation of the sounds heard during the Phase 2 Workshop and a Phase 3 sounds video.

Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds (British English)

FYI here is a link to a website that reviews games and apps about their suitability for children