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Music & Drama

The school’s tradition for music has always been strong and forms an important part of the curriculum. Each class has regular music lessons in which the skills needed to make music are taught by the class teacher. We aim to enable children to develop a critical engagement with music. They are taught to appraise, improvise, compose and perform various genres of music, on instruments and with their voices. We aim to foster the enjoyment of singing and playing for all and all children are given an opportunity to sing, either as part of a group or individually. In Key Stage 2, the children learn to play the ukulele. The children who learn an instrument at school have the opportunity to perform in our special music assemblies.


Drama and performance is an important and exciting way to nurture creativity, self confidence and self-esteem. As well as the Christmas performance given each year by Foundation and Key Stage 1 pupils, Key Stage 2 pupils also produce a major production. We have a strong choir who perform each year at various events, including at our summer Strawberry Fair, at Wiltshire Heights Residential home and at Young Voices with 6000 other children.