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Music Tuition at Fitz from September 2016


We are would like to inform you about various changes to music tuition for September 2016. Jenny Knight, the woodwind teacher, and Theresa Cole, the string teacher, will both be finishing here at the end of this term. We have been fortunate enough to secure Fran Andrews who will take over as Woodwind teacher, and Charlotte Sloane Hill who will take over as String teacher. We will be retaining both Martin and Mary for the next academic year. All the teacher’s profiles are available to view on the Wiltshire Connect website:


If you would like your child to continue with or are interested in them starting music lessons in September 2016 please contact the relevant teacher directly.


Instrument choices:

Woodwind: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Keyboard, Ukulele


Teacher: Fran Andrews. Email:


Strings: Violin & Cello


Teacher: Charlotte Sloane-Hill. Email:


Guitar & Bass Guitar


Teacher: Mr Martin Stewart.


Piano, Keyboard, Recorder (Descant, Treble & Bass)


Teacher: Mrs Mary Pilcher-Clayton. Email:



What are the lesson dates & times? All lessons will be held within the school day and during term time. (There will be no lessons the first week back in September, the last week of terms 2 & 6 or in SATs week).

What are the costs? The cost of lessons is a private arrangement between the tutor and parents/carers. Wiltshire Music Connect indicate that a 15 minute 1-2-1 lesson with an Associate Provider costs around £8.50 per week. A shared 20 minute group lesson costs around £5.67 per week. Tutors will invoice parents/carers directly.

Do I have to buy an instrument? The school has a limited number of guitars which will be available for use if required, at no charge. For all other instruments please speak directly to the teachers who may be able to arrange hire.


Music Lesson Subsidy

Wiltshire Music Connect have a scheme where children may be eligible for a music tuition subsidy in certain circumstances. This will apply to those who meet one or more of the following criteria:


  • In receipt of free school meals
  • Looked after children
  • Children adopted from care
  • Children under special guardianship
  • Children with Education Health Care Plans
  • Children from service families


The amount of subsidy that can be applied for will vary dependant on individual circumstances. We hope that this scheme will help to get more children playing an instrument in school who might otherwise have felt unable to participate. The School will apply for subsidies on behalf of all pupils who qualify, and if successful we will notify the music teacher that you have been allocated a subsidy.


If the above criteria applies to you and your child already plays an instrument in school or you would like them to start having lessons, please contact the school office.


If you have any further questions please speak to or email Miss Curtis: