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At Fitzmaurice, Mathematics is taught daily. Lessons are hands-on with lots of interesting and challenging equipment and apparatus to support children’s learning.


We aim, in our teaching to:

  • Foster a positive attitude and enthusiasm for mathematics
  • Develop the mathematical skills necessary to link mathematics to everyday life
  • Help children reach their full potential
  • Encourage a spirit of inquiry and exploration
  • Provide a challenging and positive learning environment
  • Develop logical thinking and reasoning skills through natural curiosity and an investigative approach
  • Achieve excellent standards
  • Develop a methodical approach to solving problems
  • Encourage accuracy in working and the importance of self-checking
  • Develop mathematics through a cross-curricular approach


Broad Guidelines

  • Mental calculation to be used as a first resort. The first question in children’s minds when approaching calculation should be, ‘Can I do this in my head?’ Giving space for explanations will allow expertise and confidence in mental calculation.
  • Children will be encouraged to develop estimation strategies, so that they learn to      estimate before calculating.
  • Calculators are used at upper Key Stage 2 to enable children to work on investigational activities where the focus is on calculation. They are not a substitute for pencil and paper or mental methods of calculation.


We often find that parents worry about not being able to help their children with ‘modern’ maths because ‘it isn’t taught the same as when I was at school’.  We run workshops for parents in Foundation Stage and calculation guides are available to support you in supporting your child with maths; you can download these by clicking the relevant year below:

It will be helpful for parents to look at the year their child is in and the years above and below.