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Fitz Friends (PTA)

Welcome to the page for the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at Fitzmaurice Primary School, officially known as Fitzmaurice School Association, or Fitz Friends for short!


On our section of the website you can find information about Fitz Friends, how we work within the school, the events that we run and how you can get involved.  

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Fitz Friends uses ‘Plan Social’ to communicate with parents and carers who have signed up to say they’d like to hear from Fitz Friends. It’s a fantastic way to keep up to speed with PTA activities, as well as placing orders for fun things. Stay up-to-date by making sure you are registered asap. This is really important, as information will be coming out very soon about how to order an exciting ‘Brighter Days’ activity pack, full of wonderful things for the children to make and do this spring. Register this week so you don’t miss it when it comes out! 


It’s easy to sign up to Plan Social using this special Fitz link:

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Fitz Friends FUNdraising!

As parents and carers of Fitz Children, we are ALL valued members of Fitz Friends. There is so much to celebrate! Feel proud of how much we've achieved and be a part of what's next... Thank you!

Without you, none of this could have happened.....

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