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Fitz Feedback – Class Allocation – June 20th 2013

Thank you to the 20 plus parents who joined us for the second Fitz Feedback session this afternoon. With the aim of good communication here Fitz Feedback June 13 is the short presentation that Mrs Dunn gave and a rough transcript of the questions and answers.

Q. Is this new Class Allocation Policy a change of policy?

A. No. There is no material change, but we’ve tried to make it clearer. It has never been school policy to ask parents for input on what class they would like their child to be in, but it has sometimes been invited without any promise of the school being able to act upon those requests. The school felt that asking for input was creating false expectations.

Pupils will be told next Friday 28th June which class they will be in and letters will go home in book bags that day.

We have asked the new teachers to come in for ‘class swap day’ (July)for pupils to meet but we cannot guarantee they will be able too.

Q. Was there any communication about the Year 1 Phonics Assessment last week?

Parents were informed at the beginning of the year but not nearer the time because we don’t want to cause stress for children or parents about tests which are designed to test the school rather than the students.

Q. What are the class sizes for next year?

A. They are all around 30 pupils.

Q. How do mixed year group classes work?

In brief children are all taught to their ability not their age. The classes are taught as one class, rather than two groups within one class. Next year we intend to do more joined up teaching within year groups across classes.

Q. How will the school manage play with so much green space out of action during the expansion works?

Firstly, we will retain as much green space as possible and if you draw a line between the corner of the school grounds at Poulton and the corner of the kitchen, we will still have the area on the school side of that line. That said, we will have to make more use of the playground.

Q. Why is grass play restricted?

Whilst some parents may be happy with their children coming home muddy, the school cleaners are less happy with the idea of 270 pairs of muddy shoes tramping through. A view that is shared by many other parents.

Q. Can the top field be brought into use?

A. Yes, as soon as possible. The school and a group of volunteers is working hard on the matter. As always please email the school office if you are able to help out on this or any other project.

Q. Will the contractors “make good” any damage they do to the grounds during the expansion works?


Q. The Council won’t provide dog poo bins on the top field.

A. Can everyone please ensure that their contacts in the community, in the council and otherwise, know that it is important that we keep the top field clear of dog mess.  It is all of our jobs to do this.

Q. Has the school considered the request to change the uniform from white polo shirts?

A. Yes, it’s been discussed but it was clear that it would be a contentious decision and would require consultation. The governors felt that the school had too much on its plate at the moment to also consult on uniform. We will create a page on the website for parents to leave comments to express their view.

Q. It’s been reported that many schools are to stop providing hot school meals. Will Fitz continue?

A. Yes. School dinners are very popular and uptake is rising. Everyone wants to keep schools dinners and they will remain provided for the foreseeable future.

Q. You mentioned a stakeholder meeting with the contractors for the expansion project. When will that be?

A. Monday July 15th at 18:30 – subject to change

Q. When will reports be out?

A. Beginning of July. They are later this year to give you a fuller picture.

Q. Would you consider a homework club? And Maths workshops?

A. Already planning Maths workshops and wraparound care was mentioned in the presentation.

Q. How can we give feedback on communications?

A. Please email

Apologies if I missed off any questions. The next Fitz Feedback will be in Term 1 or 2 in the Autumn in the evening on a day other than Thursday. See you there.