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Family School Link Worker

Our Family-School Link Worker (previously Parent Support Advisor) is Debbie Lewis.


Debbie Lewis


What I can offer to you as parents in my role as Fitz Family School Link Worker:


* Providing support for you to talk to me about any worries you may have about your child or that your child has either in school or at home

* Helping you with communication with school or at home

* I can attend any school meetings with you to provide you with extra support

* Signpost you to local resources such as the food bank and debt advice

* Provide you with tips, resources and links to other services on practical issues such as bedwetting, homework, additional needs, mealtime worries, anxious children, benefits and much more

* I am always happy to meet up for a chat and can offer both one-off and on-going support

Please do not hesitate to contact me by: phone 07783823011, email, or catch me in the playground after school.


Incredible Years Courses


I can offer these courses to you which focus on building children’s confidence and co-operation over 4 or 12 weeks.


What other parents say about Incredible Years:


“Without hesitation go on the course, the time you spend attending it is only a fraction of the time, yet it will reward yourself and your children until they become adults.”


“This is a course for all parents and children, not only parents who are finding it difficult, I wish I had done it before.”


“Playing with my children is enjoyable using the child led approach.”


“It is good, especially to feel like you’re not on your own.”


“My children go into school calmer and more confident in themselves.”


“It has helped me and my husband to be more of a team with discipline/behaviour.  We try to come up with combined strategies and we talk them through more now.”


“The children argue less getting ready and finishing tasks is quicker.”


“It helped me in approaching situations and trying to think in the way of my child’s brain helps me to understand them better. Reduced the arguments and I am more relaxed compared to before the course.”