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Toilet Trial 04.04.17

Toilet Trial


4th April 2017


Dear Parents and Carers


I wanted to let you know about a trial that we will be undertaking in school in terms 5 & 6. For some years now we’ve had unisex toilets in KS1 and more recently the Nest. These have been found to be beneficial in terms of appropriate behaviour and since converting the Nest toilets we’ve seen our water bill drop significantly after the urinals were replaced with toilets. Savings in water consumption, alongside ongoing issues with respect & behaviour that we’ve been experiencing in the KS2 toilets and toilets outside the hall has led to the decision to undertake this trial.


From the start of term 5 all the toilets in school will be unisex; the urinals that exist will be decommissioned and gender signs will be replaced with ‘toilet’ signs. We’ll be talking to the children about the changes and the trial in PSHE and will review how it is working in term 6. We will also be measuring whether the respect for the facilities has improved, to see if the behaviour becomes more appropriate and whether there has been an eco-impact through reduced use of water.


Unisex toilets are an everyday part of life; most of us will have unisex toilets in the home and in our work places. I hope that you will talk to your child about this trial and provide any feedback you have to the class teacher in the first instance. Staff will be regularly discussing how the trial is working.


Yours sincerely

Tracey Dunn