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Tag Rugby Tournament


On 26th March 2018, 10 Fitzmaurice Primary School children went to a tag rugby tournament at Trowbridge Rugby Club.

We were competing in a West Wilts Schools Competition. Overall we came 3rd in our group of five schools. The team

was made up of 10 people.

In our first match we played The Mead, who eventually won our group. We lost the match 5-2 but played really well.

Next we played North Bradley. We should have won this match but some close decisions by the referee meant that

they went on to win in the last minute. We lost the match 4-3.

We won our next match 2-1 against Bitham Brook and our following match 3-2 against The Minster.

We enjoyed the experience but were disappointed we didn’t get to the semi-finals.

Written by Dylan and Louis.


West Wiltshire Netball Finals

On Monday 12th March 2018, the Netball A Team went to the West Wilts Regional Finals at Kingdown School in Warminster. We qualified for this tournament after beating Winsley in the first round.

We left at 2.45pm and began by doing a few drills. We sat out for the first match, then began the competition in match 2. All of our players kept on rotating positions and each player played one half of each game. The rain started during the last few matches we played. Sadly we did not win the tournament, as we were knocked out by Shaw School in the penultimate match we played.

Here are the scores:

Bratton 1 v Fitzmaurice 4

Horningsham 0 v Fitzmaurice 6

Paxcroft 2 v Fitzmaurice 5

Bitham Brook 1 v Fitzmaurice 4

Shaw 1 v Fitzmaurice 0

The team were – Freja, Oliver, Thomas F, Thomas R, Anna, Mollie, Olivia, Iris, Madeleine


Cluster Netball Tournament

On Tuesday 27th February, Fitzmaurice Primary School held a Cluster Netball Tournament. Only Winsley came.

They first played Fitzmaurice C and then Fitzmaurice B team. Winsley won both games.

They then played Fitzmaurice A team and we won 8-4!

It was cold and snowy but we kept rotating. Fitzmaurice A team beat the B team 5-0 and the C team 8-0.

In the end it was Winsley and Fitzmaurice A team who were to go through to the next round which is on 12th March after school at Kingdown School. In the end the C Team came 4th, the B team came 3rd, Winsley came 2nd and the A team came 1st!!!

By Freya and Oliver


Swimming successes

At the recently held Bradford on Avon Swimming Championships there was a wealth of Fitz successes. A big well done

from Miss Blake and the rest of Fitz to all those that took part.

What a lot of medals won by our pupils – congratulations!

Lydia M - 5 silver, 6 bronze

Thomas F – 12 gold, 1 silver, 5 trophies, 3 plates

Evelyn A – 12 gold, 5 trophies, 4 plates


Overall Gala Winner Plate

Louis W – 3 gold, 4 silver, 5 bronze

Harry W – 4 medals


Cross Country News

On Tuesday 10th October, Fitzmaurice ran a cross country. I think the parents support really helped encourage all the children. It was two laps around St Laurence School.

For the Year 3/4 girls, Skye P came 2nd and Niamh M came 3rd. Everyone did very well and the team came 1st overall.

The Year 3/4 boys also did really well. Stanley L came 2nd and the team also came first overall. The year 5/6 girls ran it in a group. Freja D came 3rd and Sofia F came 4th with the team also coming in 1st overall.

The year 5/6 boys had the race winner. Dylan A came 1st, Thomas R was 5th, Harry L 7th and Oliver C came 8th. Thomas F was the 1st year 5 boy home too.

The whole school did really well this year and every child had fun.

By Dylan and Louis


On Monday 16th October, we went to Stonar School to compete in another cross country event. Twenty-five schools took part with over 360 competitors in total.

In the year 5/6 boys race, Dylan A came 2nd and we came 1st overall as a team.

In the year 5/6 girls race we came 2nd as a team.

In the year 3/4 boys race, Stanley L came 4th and we came 1st overall as a team.

In the year 3/4 girls race, Skye P came 3rd and Niamh M came 4th – overall they also

came 1st as a team.

We did excellently as a school and we all enjoyed the experience – it was good fun.

By Noah, Thomas and Oliver


Fitz-as-a-Fiddle Burpathon


On Tuesday 10th October, the whole school took part in a sponsored burpee challenge.

Each class took part in a fun 20 minute session during the school day, with the aim of each child doing around 30 burpees each. They were joined at 2.45 by parents and carers, to help them reach the whole school target of 10,000 burpees in total!

Every penny raised from the Burpathon will go towards the refurbishments of our tennis courts, which is a huge project that requires over £80,000 worth of funding.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this fundraising event and to Simon and Emma Beatson and Miss Blake for organising it. We smashed our target of 10,000 burpees with a grand total of 12604. Well done everyone!

Check out the write up on the Wiltshire Times website:


*UPDATE* After counting the sponsorship money, we have raised a fantastic £1387.35 !!


BoA Cluster Football Tournament



On Tuesday 3rd October, our school went to a football tournament at Christchurch School.

We took two teams (an A team and a B team).

In the A team there was: Thomas F, Dan A, Dylan A, Harry L, Noah V, Toby P, Jasper R, Jasper V, Thomas R and Louis W. In our first game we lost 2-0 to Churchfields. We played well but they beat us. In our second game we lost to Winsley. It was 2-0 again. However in our third game we won 2-0 against Christchurch B – Yippee! We had a rest then we were on again against Christchurch. We scored first but it finished 1-1.

In the B team there was: Stanley W, Billy H, Clem N, Stanley L, Harvey D, James H, Hayden M, James G.

Their first game was lost to Christchurch A. A hard game to start with. The score was 3-0. The next game was against Christchurch B and they drew 0-0. Finally, they played Winsley and lost 2-0.

Mr Tozer was pleased with the teamwork of both sides.

By Noah and Harry