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West Wilts Football

On Monday 3rd December, the Fitzmaurice football team went to Kingdown school to play a tournament consisting of 6, 10 minute matches. In our first match we played Bitham Brook Primary School and we won 3-1. The scorers of the match were Clem who scored twice and Dan. In the second game we played The Grove and won 3-2. It was a very close match. The scorers of this match were Clem, Dan (penalty) and Thomas. The next game we played Aloeric and lost 2-0, Unfortunately they were an amazing team and had won the tournament the year before. The fourth game we played Holt and had a tiny bit more luck but still lost 1-0.

In the fifth and final game we played The Avenue and drew 1-1. The scorer of the match was Dan. Our team was amazing and can I say thank you to the whole team, not just the scorers. This wouldn’t have happed without the organisation of Mr Tozer and Miss Blake.

Written by Sam.


Football Tournament

On Tuesday 20th November, the Fitz Football team left school to play in the friendly tournament at Christchurch. There was Christchurch, Winsley, Westwood and Fitzmaurice at the tournament.

Our first game was against Westwood, it was tough but we managed to score with a right-footed finish from Clem into the bottom corner.

Our second game was against the hosts, Christchurch. They were lucky to take the lead in the first minute with a breakaway goal. Luckily, later on, Thomas made the scores equal with a right-footed volley to end the game 1-1.

Our third and final game was against the unbeaten Winsley. The game was tense but late on Winsley scored as the goal scorer was too quick for our defence and the game ended 1-0 to Winsley.

The tournament ended with a win, a draw and a loss. We look forward to our next game as a team.

By Jos and Jasper


West Wilts Cross Country Competition

On Monday 15th October 2018, KS2 went to Stonar School to compete in a cross country race. There were 4 categories:

boys yr 3-4 and girls yr 3-4, boys yr 5-6 and girls yr 5-6. Fitz all took part enthusiastically and everyone achieved their

goals (despite the weather). We hope to go again next year.

By Seryn, Megan and Niamh


Sports Awards 2018!

Yet again Fitz have performed brilliantly all year and have come away with fantastic results in many of the competitions we have been involved with this year. As we come to the end of the summer term it is that time of the year to present awards to our sporting superstars. Here are the winners:

Overall Sports Superstars – Dylan A and Freja D

Cross Country – Dylan A and Skye P

Swimming – Louis W and Lydia M

Cricket – Thomas F – and most improved - Jasper R

Rugby – Noah V – and most improved – Caitlin F

Football - Dylan A and most improved – Thomas R

Athletics – Mollie M and Oliver C

Netball – Freja D – and most improved – Olivia P

Gymnastics – Elsie B and Clem N

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