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We are a mixed class from years 3&4 and you will find us in the classroom opposite the hall.


Our teachers are Miss Blake (Monday, Tuesday, Friday) and Miss Moore (Wednesday and Thursday), and our teaching assistants are Mrs Ponsford, Miss Ramsden and Mrs Khatri.

Picture 1 Miss Blake, Assistant Head
Picture 2 Miss Moore
Picture 3 Mrs Khatri
Picture 4 Mrs Ponsford
Picture 5 Miss Ramsden

For more information about our learning this term, please see our Topic Web and Parent Information Letter for this term:

For previous terms' information, please see our Topic Webs page.

This term in Puffins, we have gone back in time to the Stone Age! We have already been given some clues about how people from The Stone Age may have behaved, after reading our book ‘Stig of the Dump’. We are currently writing our own adventure/mystery stories in class, featuring some interesting Stone Age characters of our own. We are looking forward to learning more about their lifestyles and (sometimes) gruesome eating habits as the term goes on.


We are thoroughly enjoying our term of Forest Schools and have been creating our own board games and Stone Age inspired weaponry, using the resources provided by mother nature in our Forest School area (and some extras provided by Ms Evans of course!). Many thanks for making sure we have all had our kit in so far this term!

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