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Our Forest School leader is Miss Sarah Evans.


Term 4 – Spring 2017



At last, Spring has sprung and we are looking forward to some warmer and drier forest school sessions! The forest school areas are now bursting with new life and providing lots of new learning opportunities. Despite the improved weather, during one session, Goldfinch class did get caught out in the most amazing hail storm! This resulted in a hail (as opposed to sand) castle being built and some hail stone meals created in the mud kitchen. It also gave us a chance to understand how hail stones are formed in comparison to snow.


The Nests topic for this term was transport and we investigated the different forms of transport in nature, looking at air travel of birds, flying insects and seeds; land travel with footprints/animal tracks; and water travel making both large and mini boats from natural materials. The children also enjoyed taking the toy cars into the forest school area and creating their own race tracks. We thought about our mums for Mother’s Day and planted some bulbs for them.



Goldfinch class and Dove class learnt about the importance of being able to identify plants and their different uses/properties. They also used their team work and problem solving skills to create dens and shelters for themselves. In addition both classes enjoyed pond dipping and bug hunting.


All three classes took part in our Easter activities, which included an Easter egg hunt and making birds nests from birch, willow and Moss. – The children found this quite challenging and soon appreciated how hard it must be for birds using a beak instead of hands!

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All three classes enjoyed our end of term fire and toasting marshmallows.  Goldfinch and Dove class also learnt how to build a fire and start it using a fire strike (flint and steel). We finished with each child internally reflecting on what they had enjoyed/learnt, whilst dowsing the fire until it was extinguished, to symbolise the end of our Forest School sessions.



The children thoroughly enjoyed being outside and hopefully developed their understanding and respect for nature, as well as challenging themselves and developing their social skills, independence, resilience, perseverance, confidence and self-esteem.