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Welcome to Fitz Friends (the Fitzmaurice School Association)



About Fitz Friends


As a parent/carer of a pupil at Fitzmaurice you are automatically a member of the Fitz Friends…fear not, that doesn’t mean you’ve just unexpectedly signed up to 7 years of being hassled daily about baking, bingo and bunting. Our ethos is to ‘do what you can when you can’. We have people that take charge of our core events (more of these to follow), and the rest of us contribute whenever we’re willing and able.


Our other fundamental belief is that through our events we should promote a strong sense of community throughout the school itself and Bradford-on Avon as a whole, which in turn raises the positive profile of Fitz. Both our Strawberry Fair and Christmas Fair are widely attended by both young and old mingling with big smiles on faces. Although profits are obviously important to pump back into spending for Fitz, we ensure that we keep our pricing low to ensure great value for money and accessibility to all.

Fitz Friends Fundraising Achievements


To raise funds for the school and our children, Fitz Friends organise a wide variety of fun and social events.  The money raised from these events is used to really enhance the children’s education and enjoyment at school.


Some of the things that Fitz Friends have purchased solely or contributed to in recent years include:


  • Refurbishment of the school library including books, fixtures and fittings
  • ‘Poddely’ (giant kind of construction kit)
  • 16 tablet computers with cases and a charging trolley
  • Christmas trips
  • Play equipment 
  • Sports kit
  • Outdoor classroom
  • Polytunnel
  • Whole school theatre trips
  • Hall sound system
  • Broadcast radio equipment
  • Laptops
  • Class parties/purchases
  • Subsidising class trips
  • Year 6 Leavers’ trips/souvenir memory books
  • Gardening club and eco events



Fitz Friends Fundraising Events For 2017/2018


Last year Fitz Friends raised over £15,000 for the school and our children and this year we really hope to match or even exceed this figure!  To do so we will be running a series of fundraising events and activities.  The events already scheduled for the forthcoming academic year (2017/18) are as follows:


November 2017

  • Red Rabbit Family Photo Shoot: Saturday 11th November

  • KS2 Film Club: Friday 17th November


December 2017

  • Christmas Fair: Friday 1st December 5pm-7pm at the school

  • Christmas Crafts: Tuesday 5th, Wednesday 6th, Monday 11th and Thursday 14th December


January 2018

  • Jumble Sale: Saturday 27th January


February 2018

  • School Disco: Thursday 8th February

5.00pm – 6.00pm                      The Nest, Goldfinch, Blackbird, Falcon classes

6.15pm – 7.15pm                      Doves, Swifts, Puffins, Red Kites, Owls, Merlin classes


March 2018

  • Pop Quiz: Friday 9th March

  • Chocolate Bingo: Friday 23rd March


April 2018

  • KS1 Film Club: Friday 20th April


May 2018

  • Big Odd Ride: Friday 18th May


June 2018

  • Strawberry Fair: Saturday 16th June


Our other fundraising activities:


Throughout the year we will also raise funds through:

  • Regular Second Hand Uniform and Ice Cream Sales 
  • Rag Bag Bin – All profits from you using this facility near the entrance of the school goes to Fitz Friends and so, in turn, back to your children. Bag up whatever condition clothes/shoes/bags/rags you want to lose and we get paid 30p/kilo. 
  • Easy Fundraising - Do you shop online?  If so, did you know that whenever you buy anything online - from your weekly shop to your annual holiday - you could be collecting free donations for Fitz Friends?  All you need to do is go to first to find the site you want and start shopping.  There are over 3,000 shops and sites on board ready to make a donation, including Amazon, John Lewis, Aviva, thetrainline and Sainsbury's – it doesn't cost you a penny extra!  After you’ve checked out, that retailer will make a donation to Fitz Friends for no extra cost whatsoever!  There are no catches or hidden charges and Fitz Friends will be really grateful for your donations.  Please register with by clicking on the logo or visiting:


How To Get In Touch


E-mail: You can contact us at




In Person:  We meet at the pub every month or so (details are usually put in Fitz Weekly, Facebook (fitzfriendsboa) or the Newsletter) and everyone is welcome.


PTAsocial:  Fitz Friends is part of PTAsocial.  We use it to help coordinate events and enlist helpers so please register today! It’s free and will keep you in the loop.


Click on the logo or visit:



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