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We are a mixed class from years 1&2 and you will find us in the middle of the 3 key stage one classrooms.


Our teacher is Mrs Wellon, and our teaching assistant is Mrs Simmons.

Picture 1 Mrs Wellon
Picture 2 Mrs Simmons

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all the new children and families of Falcon class.  We are very much looking forward to working with you all and watching your children flourish and thrive. The new year one children have settled well and are thriving in their new class.


We understand the importance of working closely with parents and carers and keeping them informed of what is happening in school. Please see the attached timetable and topic web so you know what is happening  in school, this could be used as a starting point for conversations at home.

For previous terms' information, please see our Topic Webs page.

This terms topic is The Great Fire of London'



In English, the children have already written a recount of their school summer holidays. Over the coming weeks they will be taught more about the grammatical features of this genre of writing to enable them to write a recount as if they were present during the Great Fire of London. They have also begun to learn the tools needed to imporve their written work in general such as, the use of simple punctuation, differing sentence types and how to present tehri work neatly.

 In history the children will learn about how the Great Fire of London started, why it spread so quickly and how it changed the way buildings were designed and built in London after the fire.


Their learning learning in Art and Design Technology will link to this. The children will design and craete their own mock houses to depict the ones found in London at the time of The Great Fire of London. The children will then be given the opportunity to see how fire can spread so quickly by burning their models if they choose to. Of course this will be done in the most controlled conditions so the children are not at any risk.




This year we hhave sent home the whole terms spellings in weekly blocks. Please help yoru children to learn these at home, it really does help their learning in phonics and their general written work. They will be quizzed on these within school each Friday.


If you are unsure which list of spellings your child should be working on(see spelling documents below) please speak to Mrs Wellon or the class TA and they will show you.