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We are a mixed class from years 1&2 and you will find us in the middle of the 3 key stage one classrooms.


Our teacher is Mrs Wellon, and our teaching assistant is Mrs Simmons.

Picture 1 Mrs Wellon
Picture 2 Mrs Simmons

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all the new children and families of Falcon class.  We are very much looking forward to working with you all and watching your children flourish and thrive.


We understand the importance of working closely with parents and carers and keeping them informed of what is happening in school. Please see the attached timetable and topic web so you know what is happening  in school, this could be used as a starting point for conversations at home.

For previous terms' information, please see our Topic Webs page.

This terms topic is ‘Pole to Pole’.



In English using Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing the children will develop their own stories base upon the popular traditional tale ‘The Three Little Pigs’. During the imitation stage the will learn the language features and  structure of the original story. They will then use this to begin to adapt the story introducing new polar animals and a polar setting during the imitation stage. Finally the children will write their own stories during the invention stage.


 In geography the children will develop an understanding of the differences between temperate and polar climates and global warming has a negative impact upon the polar regions. In science the children will learn what living things need to survive and use this and their geographical knowledge to understand how polar animals have adapted to survive within such extreme climates.


Monday 27th March -Warleigh Lodge Farm Visit 


Falcon class went to the fabulous Warleigh Lodge Farm. Look at the pictures to see what amazing experiences the children enjoyed.

Picture 1 We explored the open countryside.
Picture 2 We were given the task of closing gates.
Picture 3 We learnt the difference between ditch and stream
Picture 4 Julian enjoyed teaching us
Picture 5 We hid inside an ancient oak tree.
Picture 6 We found lots of sheep wool
Picture 7 We had a tractor ride to feed the cows
Picture 8 We made a bed for the piglets
Picture 9 We fed the baby lambs…
Picture 10 they were so hungry!
Picture 11 We pretended to milk a cow by hand…
Picture 12 What hard work it was!
Picture 13 We fed the goats.
Picture 14
Picture 15 There were 102 and hens that needed feeding
Picture 16 Eggs for dinner anyone?

French Day


We were very lucky to have Madam Vaughan come into school to teach us a little bit about France. We learnt about; how to ask to for some fruit in French, some facts about France and how children greet each other in the morning. Did you know that children shake hands each morning when they say bonjour?

Picture 1 We drew pictures of the Eifel Tower at night
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5 Madame Vaughan taught the names of some fruit

World Book Day

Falcon class  enjoyed world book day and celebrated our love of reading by dressing up as our favourite book character, coming back to school in our pajamas and decorating our classroom door to depict the story we have been reading in class. Can you guess which book it is?

Picture 1 Bedtime stories
Picture 2 Can you guess which book this door is decorated as
Picture 3 We even had hot chocolate and a biscuit.
Picture 4 Can you guess which characters we are?

Our visit to the Lock

On Monday 27th February we were lucky enough to be invited to go into the empty lock in the Kennet and Avon canal. This was an amazing experience. Look a the pictures and you too can see what it was like to be in this secret underwater world.

Picture 1 We climbed down the steps made of scaffolding
Picture 2 In the bottom lock
Picture 3 Moving into the bottom lock.
Picture 4 Wow look at the size of the lock gates.
Picture 5 How far down does it go?
Picture 6 Look at what they found in the lock…
Picture 7 a bike and…
Picture 8 even a motorbike.