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Eco Council



Welcome to the Eco Page for Fitzmaurice Primary School. 


We are all passionate about the environment, and are working hard to make our school Eco Friendly in many different ways.


Our Eco Committee is made up of 2 representatives from each KS1 and KS2 class. 





One of our current school projects is to collect as many USED batteries as we can. 


Batteries contain acid which is very harmful to the environment if not disposed of appropriately. We have individual battery boxes to take home and fill with USED batteries.


These are then added to the school Battery Bin near the Playground door. When this bin is full of batteries we will call the special number and they will be collected too be disposed of safely. 


We can carry on collecting used batteries for as long as we can. Every battery we dispose of safely makes our planet a better place. 





A battery is a device that can create electricity using a chemical reaction.

It converts energy stored in molecules inside the battery into electricity.

They produce direct current (DC) electricity (electricity that flows in one direction, and does not switch back and forth).


Using the electricity from an outlet in a house or building is cheaper and uses less energy, but a battery can provide electricity in areas that do not have electric power distribution.


It is also useful for things that get moved around.



We have taken part in our own version of the Great British Spring Clean. 

The day we were due to do it was a Snow Day (hurray!) so we rescheduled and did it a week later. 


The Eco Reps did a fantastic job and found enough rubbish to fill 3 sacksful - just from our school grounds!!! A massive thank you to them all for doing it so thoroughly. 



Remember to recycle your plastic bottles we have used funds to purchase another plastics bin in The Nest.


Bristol Textile Recyclers



We are now using Bristol Textiles with the recycling of unwanted clothing, shoes, bags and belts!


School Grounds:



Over the last year we have planted new trees and shrubs in our top field.


In Term 3 we will be getting every class gardening & will have rejuvenated our raised beds!


Our Gardening Club will start again in Term 5 on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes.


Solar School News: We’ve done it! Thanks to all your help we have reached our total of £16k needed for the 40 panels.  More information should be available on our Solar Schools page.


Our solar panels making clean green energy.