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Welcome to Dove!



We are a mixed class from years 3&4 and you will find us in the KS2 corridor, in the classroom nearest the hall.


Our teacher is Mrs Toghill and our teaching assistants are Mrs Ponsford, Mrs Khatri, Mrs Fisher and Mrs Clifford.


Picture 1 Mrs Toghill
Picture 2 Mrs Khatri
Picture 3 Mrs Clifford
Picture 4 Mrs Ponsford
Picture 5 Mrs Fisher

For more information about our learning this term, please see our Topic Web and Parent Information Letter for this term:

For previous terms' information, please see our Topic Webs page.

In terms 1 and 2, we have been learning all about the Ancient Egyptians.


We have been learning about their daily life, why the River Nile was so important, the Egyptian gods, pyramids and about the mummification process.


In science, we mummified tomatoes using natron (a mix of salt and bicarbonate of soda). We left the tomatoes for 4 weeks and then observed how well they had been preserved compared to a tomato which had not been mummified.


In art, we have been sketching and designing our own canopic jars which we will begin to make very soon using clay. We will put some pictures up when they have been made and painted.



If you were unable to attend the Back to School Night, then please have a look here: Back To School Night Y3-4,  for important information about the new term and expectations for children and parents.