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Current Governors

Parent governors are elected by the parents, their term of office is four years. Authority governors are appointed by the local authority, also for four years. Co-opted governors are appointed by the Governing Body for a period of two years.


The Fitzmaurice Governing Body currently consists of 20 Governors.


They are:


  • Tracey Dunn – Headteacher  since January 2013. Attendance at GB and committee meetings in 2015-16: FGB 3/3; ASCD 4/6; Staffing 5/5; F&P 6/6
  • Nicola Steadman – Staff Governor, Term of Office ends 30/09/17.  School Business Manager, Fitzmaurice Primary School. Attendance at GB and committee meetings in 2015-16: FGB 3/3; F&P 6/6.
  • Jo Hill – Co-opted Governor,Term of Office ends 01/02/19. Deputy Head, Fitzmaurice Primary School.  Attendance at GB and committee meetings in 2015-16: FGB 3/3; ASCD 6/6; F&P 6/6
  • David Cooper – Parent Governor, Term of Office ends 14/07/17.  Dave has been a governor since September 2009. Deputy Head teacher, Wellsway Multi-Academy Trust; Associate Governor, Wellsway School.  Attendance at GB and committee meetings in 2015-16: FGB 3/3; ASCD 2/6
  • Gerry Keysell – Co-opted Governor, Term of Office ends 02/02/19.  Gerry has been a governor since November 2010.  Retired – Occasional work as a Prescribing Advisor. Attendance at GB and committee meetings in 2015-16: FGB 3/3; ASCD 2/6; Staffing 4/5
  • Jill Johns – Co-opted Governor, Term of Office ends 22/03/19.  Jill has been a governor since March 2007.  SEN Link governor. Languages teacher, self employed; Director, CFB Community Interest Company. Attendance at GB and committee meetings in 2015-16: FGB 1/3; ASCD 3/6; Staffing 5/5
  • Doug Robinson – Co-opted Governor, Term of Office ends 25/10/17. Doug has been a governor since October 2007.  Director, Kinch Robinson Ltd. Attendance at GB and committee meetings in 2015-16: FGB 3/3; ASCD 5/
  • Joanna Abecassis – Co-opted Governor,  Term of Office ends 01/02/19. Joanna has been a governor since 2011.  Rector, Holy Trinity Church, Bradford on Avon; Charitable Trustee of Holy Trinity PCC; Director and Member of the St Laurence School Academy Trust; Governor, Westwood & Iford. Attendance at GB meetings in 2015-16: FGB 3/3
  • Nicola Williams – Parent Governor, Term of Office ends 29/06/18.  Project Manager, Ministry of Defence. Attendance at GB and committee meetings in 2015-16: FGB 3/3; Staffing 4/5
  • Anna Wallace – Parent Governor, Term of Office ends 17/12/18.  Teacher, Ralph Allen School, Bath. Attendance at GB and committee meetings in 2015-16: FGB 2/3; ASCD 6/6
  • Phil Evans – Parent Governor, Term of Office ends 16/12/18.  Director of Finmatix Financial Consulting Limited.  Attendance at GB and committee meetings in 2015-16: FGB 3/3; F&P 4/6
  • Scott Hill – Parent Governor, Term of Office ends 17/12/18. H&S Link governor.  Police Officer, Wiltshire Police HQ, Devizes. Attendance at GB and committee meetings in 2015-16: FGB 1/3; F&P 5/6
  • Liz Vaughton – Parent Governor, Term of Office ends 20/07/19.  Safeguarding Link governor. Self employed, running Vita Pilates. Attendance at GB and committee meetings in 2015-16: FGB 2/3; Staffing 5/5
  • Olivia Noble – Co-opted Governor, Term of Office ends 12/10/17. Teacher, Fitzmaurice Primary School.  Attendance at GB and committee meetings in 2015-16: FGB 3/3; ASCD 4/5.
  • Nicky Locke – Parent Governor, Term of Office ends 24/01/20.  Self-employed. Attendance at GB and committee meetings in 2015-16: FGB 2/2; F&P 3/3



Tracey Dunn – Headteacher



Tracey has been Headteacher at Fitzmaurice since January 2013.


Nicola Steadman

Nicola is a staff governor. She is our School Business Manager and has been at Fitz since 2004.


Jo Hill

Jo is the Deputy Head of the school. She has been with us since 2012.


David Cooper



I am a parent governor and have a daughter at Fitzmaurice. I am a member of the Curriculum & Standards committee. I have taught physics in secondary schools for nearly twenty years and maintain a keen interest in developments in both scientific research and education. In my current role, I am Vice Principal of a large comprehensive school. In my spare time I enjoy watching cricket and rugby, though I’m careful not to stray too close to a playing field these days.


Gerry Keysell



I have been a parent governor since 2009 and I currently sit on the Staffing and Curriculum & Standards committees. I have 2 children in school, one of whom has just moved to St Laurence. I was a university lecturer for 20 yrs before joining the NHS. I have recently retired after working there as a prescribing advisor to a Primary Care Trust for 10 years, although I still get the occasional request to review treatment guidelines.

I am currently an unpaid taxi driver for my children’s various activities which is a poor excuse for my waistline which is not responding to my attempts to keep fit, in and out of the gym. It could be that I like watching sport more than actively participating. Gardening and DIY may help.


Jill Johns


I’ve been a governor since 2007 and in the late 70s/80s my children were at Fitz (then County Junior & Infants). It was a good school to be part of then, creative and with lots of learning experiences, and it is now even better, with a great new layout, exciting outdoor equipment and a forest schools space. I’m on the Staffing and Curriculum & Standards committees and I come in and listen to reading. I care about the natural world around us, and get involved in habitat mapping round the town each spring.  My work has been in adult education, teaching Italian and French.


Doug Robinson



I’ve been a governor since 2007. My aim is to support our school in doing the best job it possibly can for every Fitzmaurice pupil.


I’m on the Curriculum & Standards committee that looks at pupils’ progress and attainment and monitors learning and teaching. The role of governor is a varied one. I try to get into school regularly, try to stay up to date with the ever changing assessment framework and occasionally dress up as an obscure cartoon character.


My real job is director of a small training company. We teach financial, management and communication skills, mainly to lawyers. I’m particularly interested in helping people write business documents that are clear and easy to understand.


I’ve got two children at Fitz and one who has moved on to St Laurence.


I like sport – playing and watching. I hung my rugby boots up in 2011 but I now coach minis/juniors at Bradford Rugby Club and injure myself falling off my mountain bike.



Revd Joanna Abecassis



I have been the parish priest at Holy Trinity Church since July 2010, and then Rector of Westwood and Wingfield as well since March 2013 – and am also a mother and grandmother!


As well as my governing role at Fitzmaurice (since 2011) with a special responsibility for, firstly the Children’s Centre, and now Whistle blowing.  I am also a Governor at St Laurence School and a Member of the Trust Board, and a Governor at Westwood with Iford Primary School and have a close involvement with the Mead School, Wingfield.  I love being and working with all of these young people, of all ages, and it is good to be able to make all the connections too (not least as I am still very involved at the Children’s Centre). I am passionate about my ministry in the community, ‘loving and serving’ as best I can and wherever I can – and of course it is always good to welcome the school to Holy Trinity too for the annual Carol Service and for class visits.


Nicola Williams – Chair



I am a Parent Governor on the Staffing Committee, I have two children in attendance at Fitzmaurice Primary School, I am a qualified Project Manager in the Civil Service and I am an active member of the Bradford on Avon WI, which is great fun.


I volunteered to be a Governor to assist in the school being the best it can be and had a lot of encouragement from my children who wanted me to be more involved in their school. I have been a Trade Union Representative in the Civil Service for over 20 years and have gained a lot of experience in staff issues and implementation of Staffing Policies and I am a trained mediator.


I appreciate that we all live busy and active lives and feel that the more volunteers that come forward the better, then the school can use our experience and enthusiasm for the benefit of all and we can all work together to make it a positive and happy place for everyone.


Anna Wallace



As a parent of two Fitzmaurice pupils (Beth in Doves and Ben in Blackbirds) I am heavily involved in the life of the school; I help in both of my children’s classrooms regularly, attend school events, actively participate in Fitz Friends fundraising events, and can usually be found in the playground after school. I am passionate about education. I have an understanding of the school curriculum, experience with special needs pupils, and the double perspective of being a parent and a teacher, which puts me in an ideal position to work within the governing body to support Fitzmaurice in being the best place for our children to learn.


Phil Evans



I am a parent governor and co-chair of the Finance & Premises committee. I have three children, with my older two currently at Fitz (YR1 and YR2). I am a Chartered Accountant by background, having worked in accounting/advisory firms (Grant Thornton and KPMG) and also within Industry as a Finance Director. I joined the Governors in 2015 to offer my support and experience with regard to financial governance and planning; helping the school to consider best use of available funds.


Scott Hill



I am a parent to four children, of whom two are at Fitzmaurice School, Charlotte and James age 9, in year four in 2017. My family have lived in Bradford on Avon for over twelve years and are very settled here. I work in Devizes and during the course of my career have worked all over Wiltshire.


I joined the Governing Body at Fitz because I think I have something to offer in helping to provide oversight of the way the school is run. I work shifts so have time available to help support our thriving community school.


I believe passionately in the school and what it trying to achieve and I wish to support them in their central aim of making Fitz the best place for all our children to learn.


Liz Vaughton



I have been a parent of Fitzmaurice students since 2011 and have always been involved in my children’s classes. I am around in the playground every day. I am self employed running Vita Pilates, I used to be a secondary school PE and Dance teacher. I am an active member of Bearfield church.  I sit on the staffing subcommittee of the governing body as this reflects the experience I have gained within the teaching profession.


Nicky Locke



I am a mum of four and have been a parent at Fitz since 2009 with my youngest due to start in September 2018. In years gone by I was a corporate lawyer in the City, specialising in M&A and corporate finance. I am currently self-employed running my very part-time sewing and dressmaking business. We are an outdoorsy family with lots of camping, hiking and National Trust café-frequenting. The boys and dad are very involved with the town football club and I can usually be found arranging fixtures for the U10s or freezing on the side-lines of a pitch somewhere in Wiltshire. I am not bad at poring over budgets, contracts and endless small print and asking very pedantic questions. This perhaps explains why I am Co-chair of the Finance and Premises Committee.


Olivia Noble



Olivia is a year 5/6 teacher at the school. She has been with us since 2013.