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We are a mixed class from years 1&2 and you will find us in the furthest of the 3 Key Stage 1 classrooms.


Our teacher is Miss Vaughan, and our teaching assistants are Mrs Knight, Mrs McGrath and Mrs Carter.

Picture 1 Miss Vaughan
Picture 2 Mrs Knight
Picture 3 Mrs Carter
Picture 4 Mrs McGrath

Welcome to Blackbirds


This term our class topic is ‘Pole to Pole’.


In English using Pie Corbett’s Talk for Writing the children will develop their own stories base upon the popular traditional tale ‘The Three Little Pigs’. During the imitation stage the will learn the language features and  structure of the original story. They will then use this to begin to adapt the story introducing new polar animals and a polar setting during the imitation stage. Finally the children will write their own stories during the invention stage.


 In geography the children will develop an understanding of the differences between temperate and polar climates and global warming has a negative impact upon the polar regions. In science the children will learn what living things need to survive and use this and their geographical knowledge to understand how polar animals have adapted to survive within such extreme climates.


For more information about our learning this term, please see our Topic Web and Parent Information Letter for this term:

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